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Christopher Ellison - Profile | Christopher R Ellison


ABOUT Christopher Ellison

Christopher Ellison would have been at home with the early alchemists, when earth, water, air and fire were perceived as the four and only elements. He begins his process by experimenting with the basic elements and ends it with discovery.

Ellison views color as something latent, waiting to be discovered to make the object complete. Relying on metal for his palette, he uses oxidation – the effect of air – to reveal the inner beauty of each particular piece.

The artist approaches both the form and his studio process with rudimentary and primitive energy. He grinds cupric nitrate and other patina chemicals with mortar and pestle and mixes intuitively, bound by no recipe, comfortable with the Honesty of trial and error. His goal is to instill in the object qualities of utility, antiquity and spirituality.

Ellison turns to the natural world for the finishing touches that he feels are needed to complete his work, making allies of time and the elements. He leaves his work outdoors for at least a month to complete the finish. Outside his studio in upstate New York, iron-rich rainwater creates trails through the brilliant copper blues. Meanwhile, the oxides continue to consume the surface metal, creating a constantly evolving work. Though he will occasionally seal a patina, Ellison’s preference is to allow the natural process to continue. As he says, “Although we may feel we can alter time, it cannot be separated from the natural world, for nature works in concert with time.


from Color on Metal: 50 Artist Share Insights and Techniques
by Tim McCreight, Nicole Bsullak

Hardcover – April, 2001

The Artist


For as long as I can remember, I have had the greatest fascination with antiquities – the artifact.

It’s function, utilitarian or not, it’s history, it’s maker, all contribute to create the spirit of that object. Formally trained in metal-working, I began to explore unconventional techniques in creating metal forms. Researching fabrication methods used in industry, I began to experiment and apply these methods with my traditional training. I found this process very exciting. It gave me the freedom and spontaneity lacking in formal metal-working, as well as a wealth of new materials. This allows me to find the spirit of each piece.

Utility, antiquity, spirituality.

Using metal as my vehicle, I try to instill these qualities in the form.


Bachelor of Fine Arts – Metalworking – 1982

Rochester Institute of Technology, School for American Craftsmen


Masters of Science – Creative Arts Therapy – 2009

Nazareth College of Rochester


CRE preservation Project

Many pieces have passed their way through CRE Studios without being photographed or signed. In an effort to archive and restore those pieces, CRE Studios has created the CRE Preservation Project.

CRE preservation Project

To archive your work of Christopher Ellison, CRE Studios is asking that you send an image and contact information via email. You will receive confirmation and instructions on steps that you may have to take to record your piece with CRE Studios.

CRE preservation Project

Our intent is to record and document all works to insure that your piece is an original. In some cases the owner may be asked for the piece to be photographed in studio. Restoration/refinishing of the piece may be necessary for which the cost would be endured by CRE Studios.

CRE preservation Project



I’ve been fortunate to have worked with some great people.




Christopher R Ellison


The Pew Charitable Trusts
Philidelphia, PA

Mimi Livingston
New Rochelle, NY

William B. Ziff Jr - Publisher
Pawling, NY

Stan and Edna Tuttleman
Bala Cynwyd, PA

Berdroff Goodman
New York, NY

Saks Fifth Avenue
New York, NY

Phil Ramon - Record Producer
New York, NY

Joey Kramer - Areosmith
Boston, MA

Michael Jordan - Chicago Bulls
Chicago, IL


Luten Clarey Stern, New York, NY

Steve Chase and Associates, Palm Springs, CA


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