The Artist


For as long as I can remember, I have had the greatest fascination with antiquities – the artifact.

It’s function, utilitarian or not, it’s history, it’s maker, all contribute to create the spirit of that object. Formally trained in metal-working, I began to explore unconventional techniques in creating metal forms. Researching fabrication methods used in industry, I began to experiment and apply these methods with my traditional training. I found this process very exciting. It gave me the freedom and spontaneity lacking in formal metal-working, as well as a wealth of new materials. This allows me to find the spirit of each piece.

Utility, antiquity, spirituality.

Using metal as my vehicle, I try to instill these qualities in the form.


Bachelor of Fine Arts – Metalworking – 1982

Rochester Institute of Technology, School for American Craftsmen


Masters of Science – Creative Arts Therapy – 2009

Nazareth College of Rochester